Friday, December 27, 2013

Merry Christmas - part 2

Had to share this fun little thought that bounced through my head. It came to me as a realization that we have grown.

For Christmas this year, I gave my hubby a toaster because ours shoots green and blue sparks when you use it. He normally toasts his bread for breakfast, so I thought it would be a good idea for him. He got me some of my own clothes that have lived at my mom's house for quite some time. I also got some awesome new socks and a beautiful watch (because all, and I mean all, of mine are dead). It wasn't all thrill and excitement. But we were filled with joy and smiles watching the girls open their presents.

Santa got each girl exactly what they wanted. Hazel girl got the doll she asked for and food shaped erasers (dog ate her donut, it was a very sad day). Amber girl got the cat she asked for (grandma got her one too so she glows with excitement). Violet girl got a peanut.

I think my favorite part is that they keep getting mixed up as to who gave them what. Also, that beyond their Santa gift, their favorite presents so far are the ones that are Christian based. We've got nativities, Noah's ark, and monkeys that pray.

I'm ok with the Christmas spirit missing me this year. Because the Spirit of Christ lives within me and brings me joy daily.

Getting excited for New Year's Eve. Oh what fun we are going to have being together as a family and enjoying the joy of doing just that.

Praying that you all are having the most wonderful holidays and that the Spirit is living in you.