About me

I was born into this world one fall day into the town of Port Washington, WI and my loving parents. They named me Jennifer and I became one of the thousands of Jennifers born into this world in the 1970s.

Shortly there after my sister entered the world. We have spent our lives either being the best of friends or not talking to each other...which is something that sisters do.

Lived almost my entire life in Port Washington. A little city by a big lake (Lake Michigan), also known as the city of 7 hills (they're like mini-mountains when you're pushing a stroller).

Married my high school sweetheart and found out that he would never grow up and change his ways and that I would be much better off without him in my life anymore.

As I wandered wondering what life would bring me next, the memory of a man kept popping into my head. My friend decided to help set us up. We met for the first time at a wedding and our first date was a wedding, leading to our wedding about year after that.

We married on a Friday night at sunset in his parents backyard in the country. We moved to Colorado on Monday to start our new life together.

Another year after that we found ourselves being blessed with our first child, a girl.

Moved back to Wisconsin about 6 months after that. We wanted to be closer to our families with this blessing and we saw the ability to make all of our dreams come true.

Almost 2 years after the first blessing, a second blessing entered our life...another girl.

Almost 2 years after that, a third blessing entered our life...another girl.

We decided that was enough for us. We did the math and realized that I had a baby attached to me in one form or another for over half of our marriage. I loved almost every minute of it and would do it again in a heartbeat...I would just rather not to.

So now to give birth to different kids of blessings....my writing, my jewelry, volunteering...and helping my girls to become all that they can be in this world. As well as my husband...he has dreams not yet realized and he should be given the opportunity to experience these.

Stick wit me, the best is yet to be.