Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Have to vs Want to

So what happens to you on the days that you battle the "have to"s vs the "want to"s?

I get sad. And I get mad at myself for trying to fight the ridiculous battle. Of course, I need to do the "have to" so why battle myself on it?

Because then I get to do the fun battle of: I should do that but do I really have to do it today, can I put it off for tomorrow? Well, not tomorrow because I'm busy tomorrow, it'll have to be the day after.

Down we go into the spiral if procrastination and I feel like a failure for not accomplishing what I needed to do so that I can get something else done. Now my days are jammed pack full of stuff and I don't have room to breathe and I really don't want to get anything done.

On a miraculous day, I can get it all accomplished and feel amazing! So why don't I want to do that every day? Why do I want to make myself feel like a failure?

It's not like I don't have a to-do list staring me in the face or an accountability sheet that I fill out every night, because I do.

What it comes down to is that I don't have enough good habits in place in order to protect me from my habit of procrastinating. If I want to eliminate the negative, I need to put a positive where it resides and keep at it. It's all about self-control.

I think that's why it's the last of the list of the fruit of the spirit. It's the hardest one to maintain. Like not pressing the snooze button and getting up when you plan to. Like cutting something out of your diet because you know you feel better without it. Like going to sleep at a decent hour because you're less cranky when you do. Those things that you know are for your best interest and you can do them as long as you think on them but once you think it's a habit. .. you find out it isn't always. Sigh...back to the drawing board.

Some people say that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. That may be true but I believe that some of those habit grooves in your brain are deeper than others and it definitely takes more new-habit-filler to eliminate that negative from your habit line.

We are all a constant work of progress. Keep your eyes on the reward and keep swinging.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

LIFE of Life

You may not have heard of LIFE Leadership yet but I'm sure that you soon will. This amazing company has inspired us to be the change we want to see in the world. That we should reach out to the widows and orphans (James 1:27); those women who are alone in this world and the children who don't have a stable two parent family. Also that we help improve the literacy rate in our country like the employees at corporate headquarters are doing.

Upon hearing Chris Swanson's talk about the things he's seen, we knew we had to do something for the women and children in our area. We contacted Avail in Antigo, WI and asked them if we could help. They agreed.

We chose to do a car wash to raise funds for whatever they currently need. We also wanted to do somehting that our kids could participate in. That's one of the beautiful things about this company' they want to teach this next generation what we should have been taught or wifh we would have learned at a much younger age. Showing our kids the selfless example of washing 32 cars and trucks and getting nothing out of it for ourselves. Well...we did reward everyone with an ice cream from McDonald's after but that came out of our own pocket.

Four hours + 32 cars + 8 adults + 8 kids + soap, buckets, sponges, water + smiles + $290.00 for Avail. We magnet bombed anyone that gave more than our asking price. We had two come through because the automatic car wash didn't get their car clean. We had one gentleman bring through three of his vehicles. The Antigo County Store let us use their water and parking lot. The Family Dollar let us use their restrooms (kids go often).

When we delivered the money to Avail, they were very thankful and very interested in LIFE Leadership and what inspired us to do this. Keep your eyes out for us coming to a town near you or join us in our efforts and become part of the solution.

Friday, September 11, 2015


For the past couple years, I just thought it was going to be another day. All the rest of them have. They go off without a lot of flair.

Then the night before, I could not sleep. It was awful. I finally told myself that it was because God wanted to be the first one to wish me happiness in the day and give me the present of sleep. Only to wake every two hours (or less) to see if I could get up yet without making myself miserable.

That awful night I started going over my life and how old I was and how so much of my life is over. The funniest and saddest was realizing that there would be no more babies to keep me young. That I should be a grandma. That I am now old enough to be called grandma. At least my kids are still too young to make that happen.

I account all the negative feelings and the feeling of now being old to my childhood programming. They always had over-the-hill parties and black everything and old-timer gag gifts. So my lovely subconscious is pulling those thoughts back to life.

I know all these thoughts will pass and that I'll be back to normal soon enough. Besides 40 doesn't look bad on me. Here's some pics from our day.

I think the best of my day besides the gifts in the pictures were two things. My sister was the first (besides the hubby) to wish me a happy birthday. We don't always get along which made that extra special. And my mommy picked out a great card with a fun surprise inside.

I am blessed. Who can be miserable about your age when you have so many blessings in your life?