Sunday, November 15, 2015

Tossed Together

I woke this morning realizing that I had forgotten to share a story with my Women's Ministry group. We had an amazing meeting titled "Tossed Together ". We had a salad lunch with the meeting and everyone brought a topping. And I didn't connect it to the lesson for them. I was just nervous to get the meeting rolling.  Here's why we did this...

We are all here together for a reason. God has a purpose for bringing you all here to this place at this time. I have known for a while that those who are meant to be here, will be. What is the significance of this?

We have been tossed together for a purpose. He has a plan for putting all of our different personalities and gifts together. We have been Tossed Together to create an amazing salad like we have all just eaten.

If I would have been the only one here today, my salad would have been pretty sad. Just some lettuce, carrots, and sunflower seeds.

Once you add one more, we now have a dressing and some bread to go with it. That is starting to make a meal. It's more enjoyable and easier to swallow.

If you add all of you, we have a feast. We have lettuce, spinach, 4 dressings, 2 breads, carrots, peppers, cranberries, sunflower seeds, cucumber, cottage cheese, eggs, cheese, and I know I'm forgetting something because the counter was full. And we had enough to fill all of us and share with our families and a family in need.

Because we all came together and tossed what we had brought together, we had an amazing meal and some to share. We filled ourselves and were able to outreach. This is what our Women's Ministry is all about. Coming together to be filled so that we can reach out to others.

If it's just me, it's a sad lunch that's hard to swallow. It's an unsatisfied fill that doesn't give me the strength to put myself out there.

Once you add one more, it can become a satisfying lunch that makes you want to do more. Your conversation gives you strength to do more.

God designed us to need others. We were not meant to be alone. Therefore he keeps tossing us together in churches where we can grow and make a difference.  When we are all Tossed Together we make an amazing feast. And the conversation we have can change us, our community, and hopefully someday the world.

Knowing this, because we now experienced it, why wouldn't you want to encourage more ladies to be part of the feast? Why would you want to stay away from the banquet and eat a dry lonely lunch by yourself?

Encourage others to play a part in the feast. Share with them how they will be filled to the point that they will need to share with others.

Imagine the kind of salad we could create if every lady joined us bringing with them just one item. If they brought just one of their gifts, what kind of dent in the world could we create? How far could the ripples from our dent travel? How many of you want to fins this out?

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Excessive Words

It has occurred to me that I have an excessive amount of words to use every day. I hear them come out of many mouths every day and am fascinated by them. It just has never occurred to me that I have that many too since talking has never been my strong suit.

It's amazing how many words I have now that I've been working on talking and expressing myself more for the past 15 years. (Wow. When you double digit things it makes an impact on your brain.)

So I was thinking this morning that I need to find a proper outlet for my words and make it a habit. For that has been my downfall, making anything a habit.

I first thought I needed to find a place to dump my words but that imaged a spewing form and didn't seem pretty.

Then I thought I may need to put them somewhere. That brought the image of them not being valuable or worthy of sharing.

Then I thought of a place for them. That sounded right. Each word has it's proper place. They are being created in my brain for a purpose. They should not just be flung around, spewed out, or hidden away. They should be put in their proper place.

And that's when I realized that I really do have an excessive amount of words. Because I thought all of that about the words that roll around in my head.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Have to vs Want to

So what happens to you on the days that you battle the "have to"s vs the "want to"s?

I get sad. And I get mad at myself for trying to fight the ridiculous battle. Of course, I need to do the "have to" so why battle myself on it?

Because then I get to do the fun battle of: I should do that but do I really have to do it today, can I put it off for tomorrow? Well, not tomorrow because I'm busy tomorrow, it'll have to be the day after.

Down we go into the spiral if procrastination and I feel like a failure for not accomplishing what I needed to do so that I can get something else done. Now my days are jammed pack full of stuff and I don't have room to breathe and I really don't want to get anything done.

On a miraculous day, I can get it all accomplished and feel amazing! So why don't I want to do that every day? Why do I want to make myself feel like a failure?

It's not like I don't have a to-do list staring me in the face or an accountability sheet that I fill out every night, because I do.

What it comes down to is that I don't have enough good habits in place in order to protect me from my habit of procrastinating. If I want to eliminate the negative, I need to put a positive where it resides and keep at it. It's all about self-control.

I think that's why it's the last of the list of the fruit of the spirit. It's the hardest one to maintain. Like not pressing the snooze button and getting up when you plan to. Like cutting something out of your diet because you know you feel better without it. Like going to sleep at a decent hour because you're less cranky when you do. Those things that you know are for your best interest and you can do them as long as you think on them but once you think it's a habit. .. you find out it isn't always. Sigh...back to the drawing board.

Some people say that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. That may be true but I believe that some of those habit grooves in your brain are deeper than others and it definitely takes more new-habit-filler to eliminate that negative from your habit line.

We are all a constant work of progress. Keep your eyes on the reward and keep swinging.