Wednesday, February 21, 2018

My mission

Today was my first day off for the school year. To get technical, it's the first day I wasn't needed in any of the schools. It was a really weird day.
I spent the day listening to Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee. The ending blew me away and reminded me that what I do is my mission, it's not me.
This morning I awoke early with this crazy dream about how to use the 3 main learning styles (kinesthetic, visual, audible) to reteach the classes I had yesterday. Which isn't too wild until I started talking to the kids why I do what I do and then the principal overheard and I ended up speaking to an auditorium of teachers. That would be me doing the work instead of living in the mission.
My mission is to make a difference in every student's life I can. I want to encourage them in some way that will have a lasting effect. Seeing some of these families and the lives they choose to live or currently have to live, makes me want to show them that there is another way to live.
That is just a small portion of students. The rest ...I just want them to know that I see the greatness in them. The thing that irritates everyone else is going to be a strength some day. (That's what I tell my strong-willed daughter.) I don't want their spirit crushed. If I can help them channel it for good or for something useful, I celebrate.
There's another portion that just needs to be seen. I'll never forget the day that the class was talking about about positive words we can use. One of the students raised his hand and said, "Just like Mrs Radtke tells us all the time. We are awesome and amazing. " I celebrated because at least one heard and took it to heart. That's what I would love every student to hear and know ...I see them as awesome and amazing. That I know they are designed for something greater than where they are right now.
I love to just sit and listen to them. Let them know that they are being actually heard and that I care that this means so much to them. They seem stunned that I actually want to listen to them.
Day 2 because even though I have a day of life doesn't stop ...took my Tiny girl into school today and one of the boys in her grade asked who I was working for today. "No one. " "Then why are you here?" That made me pause. I would go and hang out every day in their school if they would let me. But here's the best part ..."Well, can I have a hug?" And that is why I do what I do. This boy had been labeled and he does have some moments where there is no solution until he chooses (which sometimes leads to really long days) but I have made a point to get to know him and to listen to him and to give him words of encouragement and support whenever I see him. Today, I got to give a hug and encourage him to have a fantastic day.
Which reminds me of one last story. Those trouble kids ...whenever a fellow student warns me about them, I shoot it down. I let the whole class know that they won't be a problem for me because they are awesome when I'm around. We understand each other.  It works 80% of the time. If they're in a mood, they take it as a challenge. Makes for an interesting day.
I am truly thankful that the events in my life have led me to find my passion and my purpose. This is something I would do even if I didn't get paid. That is the definition of purpose.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Personality differences

We had a moment this weekend where we were all in the same room discussing a disturbance. The 2 girls who have the most different personalities share a bedroom and it lends to many disturbances in our household. With all of us in the room this time talking and not yelling, it felt like everyone was being heard ...not always understood but we're working on that because that's the hardest part to having such diverse personality types all living under one roof.

After we all dispersed to go achieve some chore while giving space to everyone, I grabbed the one girl and just held her. I didn't say anything, I just held her. I looked down at her after a bit and saw tears in her eyes. I wiped them away and let her know how much I love her and that it's hard when it feels like no one understands Morrison your side of the discussion. She asked me to not let go for a good 15 minutes. Finally I asked her if she was ready to finish her chore and that would give time to snuggle later. She agreed and we went on with our day.

I was sitting here reading The Seed Principle by Aubrey Johnson and this visual popped in my head that I think would help my daughter understand what happened during that discussion.

She sees things in straight lines. "This is our path and we're going to take it, no detours." Her dad is a lot like that but age has allowed him to see other paths he'd rather be on and he adjusts. She's not there yet. The sisters and I are more about the scenery. "Did you see that shiny thing? Now where did the path go." She doesn't always get that and that's where a good portion of our conflict comes from. The other good majority is from them enjoying pushing each other's buttons. That will dissolve with age.

If I can get her to see her path and recognize that her sisters get distracted and don't remember that she has created this path, that may reduce the number of discussions. Also letting the sisters know that she has a set path that she likes to walk and if they can be mindful of it and not disregard it, that should reduce the dis sessions as well.

Not sure if this visual can help anyone reading this but I didn't want to lose the image with everything else that's going to happen in my day.

Until next time
Have a Blessed day

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Toughen Up

Lately almost every book I have been reading is for me to teach it to someone else. Starting up the website for the 5th graders has been an amazing refresher for the way I read books. So has working on getting a mentoring program running at church.

I just got done reading Toughen Up by Claude Hamilton.
The way he lined up the way the book flowed kept me reading night after night. I dedicated myself to reading a chapter a night until it was done and I was thrilled to have accomplished that goal. It was the perfect book to start the habit with.

The story line of the book is the small steps that need to be taken to be successful. He relates it to his business but I saw how each step could help me in teaching and how my girls could use it to be more successful in school and just any relationship in general.

The topics he covers in the book are:

  • Rules of Engagement: Attitude, Courage, and Character
  • Oath of Allegiance: Duty, Honor, and Relationships
  • The Pointy Tip: Passion and Tenacity
I was thinking what I would share about the book that moved me the most that would make someone else want to read the book. 

Besides how amazing I think it would be for my daughters to learn these strengths, many of them hit home to myself and how I know most of these things but don't always do such a hot job following through on them. 

While reviewing the sections I highlighted while reading the book, I came across the section on relationships. I do a really good job building relationships, and following some of the suggestions he gives, when I'm at school. I'm working on it at home with my daughters better too. The eldest came and gave me an impromptu hug after I was talking to her about my bad attitude and how I'm just done with people at the moment. She rubbed my back and said something nice. It was a joy-filled moment. But what I realized while reviewing that section is that I don't do a very good job doing those suggestions with adults. I stink at grow up relationships. I just don't get people sometimes and I don't like feeling dumb. Which is where courage needs to come into play. 

I am extremely thankful that I read this book now and am able to take action now to make changes while I have less things on my plate every day. Pray for me that my past doesn't override what I want to do to make my future better. 

I would suggest this book to everyone that wants to make themselves a better person. Or anyone that  works with a team of people. We all know that getting people to work together to accomplish the same goal is one of the hardest things to accomplish. I think this book will help.

Until next time,
Have a Blessed day