Monday, March 5, 2018


There's so much to say on this.

The fact that my husband send me on women's retreats.
I started making minor jewelry to sell. I learned that it's best to hear from the source. I was given a small book that makes a grand impact.
I found a study on that book in the church library and decided that we women need to do it as a retreat like I did way back when.
This little book is being shared across the US through friends. The women who came are still talking about the effect it has on their life.
I was thinking on this tonight and realized the renewed impact it has had on my life. One of the rooms I taught through is the one I need the most help in right now. Maybe all 3 if I am honest with myself.

The fact that I chose ripples as the title when that is my go- to doodle and now the youngest daughter is perfecting it.


Someone tonight shared the image of how life is like living on a lake.
It sure is interesting to see how God puts women in your life that are riding similar ripples.


Studying Fierce Women by Kimberly Wagner with the women at church. Currently rereading chapter 5 for tonight's gathering and talking more notes than I did the first time. Usually goes that way doesn't it?

It feels good to recognize the places where you did not go wrong. It's a good reminder of the lesson you need to make sure others know. The big one today was that you can never change anyone but yourself. Pray to God to help you see where you need to change. Pray to Him to bring you wisdom in this relationship. But praying for God to change them only brings you exhaustion.

That is not why I titled this entry Humility.
Farther in the chapter she lists How Humility Affects a Fierce Woman. That list is exciting to me because I can teach that to my students.

Do you try to maintain control or do you recognize that God is in control?
Do you believe you are always right or can you allow others to have their own opinions?
Are you teachable?
Are you willing to be held accountable?
Do you see others with their God given worth and value?
Do you treat others with kindness and respect?
Are you a " soft" warrior?

I love that wording if soft warrior. You can see the strength and know they are someone you do not want to mess with or cross their path when they are charging. But you can see their heart in it. You know that they only do battle because it will help and make things better. They don't do battle to gain control or to prove something. It's a heart issue.

The other great phrase she had was " childlike humility".
Now if you spend any amount of time with children, you know that they are not typically humble. They are prideful and bold and want to be acknowledge for every battle they win. But they do know teamwork and they do know how to play their part and they do know how to let their friends shine as well. That is a great reminder that humility it's not a doormat, it's shinning with others.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Being abducted mentally

For the past two days it's felt like my mound has been abducted. I can see and feel that I have a poor attitude. It feels like poison coming out of me. It takes every moment of willpower and concentration to make it not come out. Therefore, that didn't happen very much.
Just making me do what I needed to do instead of what I wanted to do was a challenge in itself. I feel very accomplished in that. I did the few things that I told myself I needed to do yesterday. Today I only have a few things on my list as well. We'll see if we can keep the alien at bay today.
The most amazing thing is that I could see and sense the bad attitude there. I knew it was happening and that I had little chance of controlling it. I kept telling my daughter's that I had a bad attitude and that I would not be willing to do most of what I normally do for them. The amazing thing was that they stepped up and did a lot of what they would normally ask me for.
I actually threw a tempertantrum at myself last night on the way to sending myself to bed. The littlest thought that was hilarious. I think that moment was the weirdest of all the two days. I could feel the turmoil and the frustration swirling around my calm. I truly felt like I was being hijacked.
Today should be interesting. Has it gone away? Is it still sleeping? Is it planning a sneak attack? The adventure awaits.