Friday, April 27, 2018


Making a plan to strengthen my daughter.

The eldest has always been an extreme introvert. She would spend time preparing herself for every interaction with people other than the ones she lives with. Thinking on it, she even prepares and separates for spending time with us.

This means that school has always been a torture for her. She has been asking to be home schooled for quite a while now. Dad had finally come around and she's setting up the plan of attack.

Instead of going into each day with fear and anxiety, she can tackle it with confidence and assurance.

I'm hoping this adventure will show her the true person God designed her to be. Show her all of her abilities and strengths. Show her where she can go and who she can become. Let her find her future.

It's going to be an adventure because I know my expectations are doesn't from her expectations which are yet different from Dad's expectations. I pray we come at this with the same focus and open communication. That will make the adjustment easier.

Pay for us

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Youtube worthy

On the way to church this morning, one girl said to the rest, "Remember when Uncle stood up and hit his head on the icicles?"
"And then, the icicle slid down his shirt. "
"Totally Youtube worthy. "

Which made me smile and remember other moments when they've said that.

Which made me think of all the children out there that are living these moments through Youtube rather than seeing them up close and personal. There's those who are making it happen and recording it. But it's such a small population.

Is this the direction that our children are going?

Just made me realize that my children are so blessed.

Monday, March 5, 2018


There's so much to say on this.

The fact that my husband send me on women's retreats.
I started making minor jewelry to sell. I learned that it's best to hear from the source. I was given a small book that makes a grand impact.
I found a study on that book in the church library and decided that we women need to do it as a retreat like I did way back when.
This little book is being shared across the US through friends. The women who came are still talking about the effect it has on their life.
I was thinking on this tonight and realized the renewed impact it has had on my life. One of the rooms I taught through is the one I need the most help in right now. Maybe all 3 if I am honest with myself.

The fact that I chose ripples as the title when that is my go- to doodle and now the youngest daughter is perfecting it.


Someone tonight shared the image of how life is like living on a lake.
It sure is interesting to see how God puts women in your life that are riding similar ripples.