Tuesday, April 23, 2013

LeaderShift - book review

This was an amazing book. I got to hear the author, Orrin Woodward, the night of the book release. He gave the most amazing history of the civilized world in 20 minutes. I think I took 3 pages of notes and it was hard to take notes because he was such an amazing speaker.

I read up to chapter 23 on the drive to meet and listen to him. I summed it up to a friend of mine as a book that makes history come to life. My hubby summed it up as a combination of a reverse Atlas Shrugged and THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU .

The website says: A most provocative business parable for our troubled times, LeaderShift is the story of how David Mersher, the successful CEO of IndyTech, sets out to discover why the United States is losing its leadership edge and what he can do to turn things around and make America truly great again.

In the process, Mersher and his team learn how the Five Laws of Decline are eroding the nation's economy-quietly ruining businesses and big institutions-and what American executives and citizens need to do to put a stop to this.

Above all, Mersher and his colleagues discover something few business leaders or citizens of free nations have yet to realize: Our world today is on the verge of a momentous LeaderShift, one which will reframe the twenty-first century and significantly alter the way we govern, lead, and do business.

When Mersher and his team get help from a surprising source, the result is stunning and unexpected-and it's one that concerned Americans will certainly reflect upon for decades to come.

The next LeaderShift is almost here.

Are you ready?

I would love to share with you more about the book but I am afraid that I would ruin it for you. The last sentence of the book has me wondering what the next book will be about. I have heard that it's going to be a three book series because people don't read books like Atlas Shrugged in today's society. Books of that size are a bit daunting.

High schoolers should be reading this book. Possibly even middle schoolers could understand it but I'm not sure that they've learned enough history by then to understand some chunks of it. It is definitely an easy enough read if the idea of reading history is daunting to you. I want to get some more copies so that I can start handing them out. Possibly even thinking of getting a copy to raffle off here because it was such a good read.

If you see that the world around us is looking for a new set of leaders, this is definitely a book for you. It has some new and exciting ideas for the future of our country. I was excited about the part where they mentioned that moms (parents) should be included as part of the group of leaders because moms are already leading at such an import place in our country, they just don't lead the numbers that make them noticeable by the masses. My other favorite was the passion for taking notes with pen and paper because it uses more muscles and thought than typing on a computer. Those that know me, know that I feel lost without a pen and a paper.

Go and get yourself a copy of this book and another to share with a friend. See what all the excitement is about. Each book signing has sold out of books. I'm glad I ordered mine online and could get to reading it right away.