Monday, January 21, 2013

Brain Overload

Have you ever had one of those days where you weren't all sure that your brain was working and where it feels like it physically hurts? That's my head today. 

Hubby and I spent a great weekend with some friends at a seminar in Louisville, Kentucky. We laughed alot. We played together. But mostly we learned alot. My brain is full.

To top it off, all of the girls came down with the most recent strain of the flu. The first one got it the day before we left. The second one got it the day we left. The third got it the day before we came home. And amazingly, they got it in proper order from oldest to youngest. I felt horrid for Grandma coming in to all of this. Felt even worse when we found out that Tiny is allergic to Tylenol. 

We also had the car battery die right before we left to go and right before we left to come home. Silly car.

The weather was absolutely beautiful out there. We had 50s and sunshine. Didn't have to wear a coat one afternoon. The other days came with wind. Come back home to Wisconsin and it's below zero. This morning taking the girls to school (yes, two out of three are better) and it was -11 according to the car. This afternoon to pick them up it was -8 and both of those were without windchill. I felt like we had missed Wisconsin and hit the North Pole it was so cold.

It was such a full weekend. I think my favorite part was running into Mark Macdonald again. We met him about nine months ago at a LIFE Seminar. He was teaching about how to create a system that causes your body to work at it's full potential. What caused my hubby to go and meet him was that my hubby had been having severe chronic back pain that would radiate everywhere. He was fed up with the pain and feeling like his body was limiting everything he wanted to do. The doctors couldn't find any reason for the pain and had labeled it as this horrid disease that would eventually fuse his spine together. When my hubby heard Mark Macdonald speak about what his wife had gone through and how creating a system has led her to living an almost completely pain free life (we are human after all and sometimes we fall off the path), my hubby waited in line for over an hour to talk with Mark to see if there was any advice he could give on where to turn next. Mark confirmed that my hubby was already on a good diet plan but that he needed to be stricter on it and he suggested a few books to read. As of this past week, my hubby is almost completely pain free (because we are all human, things happen that throw us off schedule). When Mark Macdonald heard this news he was ecstatic (which tends to be his energy level almost every time we talk to him, he gives every moment his all). He told my hubby that he was going to share his story from stage this weekend. How cool is that? But it gets better. Mark Macdonald has shared stories he's collected but never mentioned a name...until this weekend. Wahoo! I just about fell out of my seat when he said, "My friend Mitch..." Mark said his name! I can't wait to get the audio copy of it. It was so cool. Because it speaks volumes for using systems to get things done. I know the thing that brought it home to my hubby was being able to pick up our tall girl and dance with her in his arms. He hasn't been able to do that in quite a few years.

With all of that great excitement and the rest of the good news we accumulated, I am full. I've also been reading some great books that are keeping me going and preparing for our next Women's Ministry event this weekend. And I think the middle one isn't out of the woods yet from the flu. She made it through school and fell asleep before dinner. She's still sleeping and won't be woken.

Looks like this is going to be an exciting and full year for us.