Friday, October 19, 2012

I am sooooooooo excited

It's finally here! Women of Faith! Just a few moments in time with some great women learning more about ourselves and who God has created us to be. Also to unwind and get a little silly. More about all of this when I get back. I've been rushing around all morning. Making sure I have everything I need for the weekend. Baked some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for us to snack on. Spent some time with my Hazel girl in school. Got to participate in a lock in with her class. The questions those children ask. Makes me wonder if self defense training should be included in the requirements for teaching now adays.

Anyway. Finally sitting down with a cup of coffee. Letting the cookies cool and taking a moment to catch up on my mail. I look forward to seeing any and all of you who will me in Minnesota for the event this weekend. Enjoy!