Sunday, October 21, 2012

Women Of Faith 2012

It was such a good time. It was interesting how the event changes by just changing the number of people that are involved. This was good information to stock away for the Women's Ministry. And my hubby gave me a good compliment this morning. I filled him in on some of what I learned over the weekend and then he caught the tail end of our Sunday school class conversation and when the sermon connected it all, he leaned over and whispered, "Do you think he was listening in to our conversation this morning?" I whispered back, "That's how my life has been for the past couple of weeks." He whispered back, "That must mean that you are on the right path." I started crying because that is how I feel but I can also feel the battle for my mind going on. I don't know how these Christan Greats do this daily. It's exhausting.

So I am totally off topic. But I go to thinking that last year's Women Of Faith notes took a couple days worth of blog entries. So maybe I'll just cover some of the fun stuff for today and get my notes in to share over the next couple of days.

Last year, our fearless leader made sure that we were going to have fun. Since it was just the four of us this year, she decided that we should just go and enjoy and not be all big and bold. (See picture below.)
We decided that it was our turn to do something fabulous for her. We searched for a tshirt and decided for the four of us we could just do the design by hand. (They decided it was to be my hand.)
The above are my front and back. My hubby said that I looked years younger with the new hair color so he took some pictures of me when I got home tired. The "Today I" on the front and the "Celebrate" on the back glow in the dark. We thought that might be cool to do for in the stadium when they turn off the lights. Next time we're adding glow bracelets so that we can use them as lights to take notes by. Then we did a project on Friday night. Each lady got to write (or have written) what they celebrate on the back of their shirts. I know the back pictures aren't the best but we were in a hurry to be off.

Oh...everyone thought our butterfly headbands were fabulous. They were fun to make and not bad to wear.

Needless to say, our fearless leader was thrilled that we carried on the torch and brought some simple funs to the event. I think the process of writting on the shirts was a good project to do to get us ready for Saturday.

We laughed so much this weekend together. Everything was funny. Wish I would have thought to take a picture of the truck that said, "Mounted Police". But I did get...

These ladies scolded me for taking the picture while walking down the grassy hill. They were all watching out for me with all of my back pain issues. We decided on Mexican the first night because it was across the street from the hotel. With all of us having little to no Spanish education, we could only guess what the name of restaurant meant. So we asked our server what "el loro" meant and he said he didn't know. Which set us off giggling because everything was funny that weekend. Our waiter did know. It is "the parrot". Yeah, I won the guess.

Forgot to take a picture (or better a video) of our hotel room. It was a really nice room with two queen beds and a HUGE bathroom. We were a little concerned that it might be haunted because the bathroom door had that haunted house creak to it. So everytime someone got up in the middle of the night....rrrreeekkk. Again, much laughter about it.

We had some pretty awesome seats. We were on the Club Box level right up by the stage.

My ankle wasn't very happy with me by the end of the weekend. But we're getting along much better now that I've taken it for a few small walks and stretches. At one point we were leaning against that balcony and wondering if this is how God feels. Except that He can pick your thoughts out of the air and hear them. We were fascinated by how women act and move. I think we stood there for a good 10-15 minutes just watching people come and go down on the main concourse. And we decided that we would never dye our hair flourescent pink and put it in pigtails for any event. We were also really glad that we went with teal tshirts because everyone was wearing lime green, pink, and orange (those were our other choices).

Dinner on the way home was a blast! We stopped at a family restaurant truck stop. Again, everything was funny. The families eating around us kept glancing our way. We were crying from laughing so hard. I swear everyone had to think that we were on something. Then I realized that this is what it feels like to be free and to be filled with the Holy Spirit. If you don't believe that Jesus had to be a jokester, then you have never felt as we did this weekend.

It was a wonderful weekend. But I just heard my life come barreling in the door. Time to go and hug my monkeys.