Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Washing my brain.

A friend of mine said something to me this weekend about how LIFE sounds cultish to her when I talk to her about it. She quickly added that even though it sounded cultish, the information was good and the reason behind it was good and she would like to check it out more.

This made me think about brainwashing. Especially after I heard a joke about it on a cd yesterday.

After how I started yesterday with my thinking, I was excited to end the day on a high note thought wise after spending the day putting good information in my head rather than letting myself talk myself down again. I spent the day brainwashing myself.

I don't know about you, but I would rather brainwash myself than have someone else brainwash me. I'd rather listen to audios that teach you something or lift you up than listen to the radio and risk a song that could damage my subconscious when I'm having a bad day. I would rather read good books than watch tv and have to watch all those commercials and whatever it is that the show is putting in my brain as "normal".

So, go ahead and proclaim that I am being brainwashed. I Am. I am brainwashing myself rather than allowing someone else to brainwash me. Who's washing your brain?