Friday, August 3, 2012

Information Overload

I feel like my brain may explode.

I LOVE learning.

My problem is that I am obsessive compulsive about it. I can't let the information pass me by. I need to put it in a line in order to devour them one by one. Only that turns into 7 at a time.

Through my ears, I've been learning from the LIFE subscriptions that we've been receiving monthly. Lots of great stuff about how to improve my life and the life of others by improving myself. Which is something that has been trained from the beginning of time. Can't change the world without changing yourself first. So, I've been sucking in information that The 7 Habits waiting to cue up later today.

Then reading...ugh...I have 3 shelves and a box filled with books that I haven't read yet. Can't count the number of books that I have read and are filling the library in my house. Oh, almost forgot, I also have a pile of books on my nightstand and I think I have two big books in my nightstand.

The books that I physically touch to read every day is the LIFE book that I'm reading. I actually am reading two of them but one of them is the re-reading. If you haven't read Resolved by Orrin Woodward, you should pick it up and see how a simple book can change your life.

I am also trying to get through a small book that I picked up from BookSneeze. Been trying to read that one since school let out in June. It's going a little faster now that I am forcing myself to open it every day. It got a little dry at one point, but I'll stop there so I don't ruin my review.

I am also working through The Power of a Praying... . Yes, all three at the same time. And the days that I don't use these prayers, I feel it. I start to feel overwhelmed and drowning. Which could be my problem. I chose to sleep in yesterday which means that I jumped up into the chaos of my life instead of a smooth ooze into the day.

I just rearranged the books on my shelf to put everything I want/need to read in one place. Just looking at all of the titles makes me hungry to open at least 10 more of them but I need to stop myself or I'll be reading so many that I won't get what I need out of these books.

Take a deep breath and just go through them one step at a time. Devour, implement, and move on to the next one. I looked at the list of books that I read or listened to so far this year and it's huge! Some years I've only read 20 books at the most. This year I've probably doubled it and the year isn't even done yet.

Does anyone else have this problem? Or is it just me? It's ok to be the only one with this problem. I love learning!