Saturday, October 29, 2011

Women Of Faith Part 6

Women of Faith Imagine

Aren't we a wonderfully colorful group of women? See. You can spy our group from the top of the stairs and know exactly where to go. It was great on the breaks because you could spy each other while walking along the concourse. And now, back to our training.

A bit of Nicole Johnson's bio: She takes the lessons and experiences of women around the world, connecs them with her own, and transforms them into extraordinarily touching performances. She has 20 years in writing, performing, and listening. Her empathy, humor, insight, and hope illuminate how life's greatest value can sometimes be found hidden in its broken pieces. And now my notes:

  • Why did they invite you to get coffee? - It's an invitation to connect.
  • anger is an issue for women - don't want to be angry or to be seen being angry
  • has to get someone under the hood to see what is going on
  • where does it hurt, start there
  • the flame to the fuel dump in your body
  • answering a question so big wearing shoes too small
  • fuel dump will annihilate those around you
  • are you angry with God?
  • why hasn't God taken that away
  • there are things we aught to be angry with in this world
  • when you give ME your heart, I can control that
  • Women Of Faith = Island of Misfit Toys
  • let the breaking stop
  • I will take those pieces that you try to throw away and create something beautiful out of it

Something these two women had in common. When the emotion got too high, they tossed out a joke to get us all laughing and the room would lighten. It was amazing watching them.

A bit of Angie Smith's bio: She writes a transparent, warm, witty blog Bring the Rain. She has two great passions in life: helping to heal people's hearts and writing. And now, my notes:

  • motherhood never really ends
  • children have an incredible ability to humble us
  • She went into the two stories of Jesus and the storm in the Bible.
  • Matthew 14 and how this lesson pertains to all of the challenges we face every day. Peter had three choices as his head was slipping under the water.

1. he can try to keep his own head above water
2. he can call to his friends for help
3. he can call on Jesus

  • Storm - Jesus in the boat. In the book of Mark - they call Jesus rabbi, teacher. In the book of Luke - they call Jesus overseer. In the book of Matthew - they call him kyrios - divine Son of God - while the storm is raging He asks about their faith.
  • we need to be prepared to answer that question in the middle of our storm


Our yummy lunch for today. With my purse of goodies and my improvised camera bag. I love everything that you can do with a necktie.