Saturday, October 29, 2011

Women Of Faith Part 4

Women of Faith Imagine

Friday night dinner was an entertaining experience. We ate at the hotel restaurant which was delicious.
First our room and the view out of our window.
Holiday Inn 3M


We Bobsy Twins went downstairs to claim a table for the 11 of us that were going to be eating there. We scanned the menu and pondered what to eat. Then, being the polite people we are, we waited for everyone to get to the table before we ordered. So being polite backfired because of the number of people in the restaurant and the speed in which we needed our food done in order to get back on time. It all worked out in the end and I had a fantastic taco salad and my twin got her fries that we were going to stop back for after the event. We had a blast together we two. The rest of our crew started to worry about us a little but we were just having fun and relaxing from our lives.

Friday night seats were set ticket seats. So we got to enjoy our 3rd row stage left seats. It was pretty awesome. The night was filled with comedians and concerts. 

Nicole Johnson
She performed a skit about the many hats that we wear throughout the course of the day. Including how sometimes we end up wearing many hats all at the same time causing us to talk amongst ourself. (Which is a line my roommates fed to me later that night because after a couple glasses of wine I cannot stop talking.)

Mary Mary

The Front Porch!
I was super excited to see that they had a front porch for the stage. It's where the other speakers sat and could have their kids wander up and sit with them while they weren't on the actual stage. I would have enjoyed it a little more if it would have looked like an actual porch but that's probably not feasible for setting up and having the most visual on the stage. Here are a few one-liners from the stage introductions.

  • what was it like at the beginning
  • healed an unknown wound
  • the gift of leaving them (children) at home
  • like a donkey at the Kentucky Derby
  • Michael Jackson (Nicole Johnson's son had an alternate personality)
  • I don't have children, but I have gotten used to children
  • laughter is good medicine

John Branyan
borrowed this photo from the event pictures posted to Facebook. I didn't get very good pics of the people on the stage.

  • Do you think God has a sense of humor? He made you didn't He?
  • bend with the wind
  • What are you thinking? Why do women ask that? NOTHING
  • Why are you asking me? I'm not even qualified to dress myself. (This was after being scolded for his lawn mowing clothes and then being asked if his wife looks good.)
  • spackling accident
  • a pregnant woman is alot like Taz
  • you throw it away before it gets funny (his take on divorce)

Natalie Grant

I gave you the buttons.
The buttons have snaps.