Sunday, August 7, 2011

I Shake Dice At The Library With My Husband.

Now if that sentence doesn't catch your attention, I don't know that anything else I write will do it.

And now in all honesty, we do shake dice at the library. I don't just say this to get attention.

A set of dice is a mainstay for my purse (what is in my purse is for another day).

I was wracking my brain one day, trying to figure out a way for my hubby and I to spend more time together doing something we both enjoy doing. I was also inspired to find a way to create more conversation between the two of us (as you learned yesterday).

It occurred to me that we could utilize the Dewey Decimal System, some dice, and our love of learning.

We take our notebooks and a set of dice to the library. We take turns shaking dice to see where in the Dewey Decimal System we are going to learn from today. Once we get to the right section of the library, we search for a book for each of us to read from and learn something new.

We've studied fossilized birds, luck, Meet Me in St Louis, and the Panama Canal. Then we took a break from joint learning because my hubby was trying to figure out what he wanted to be when he grew up and I started working on Radtke Customs.

I encourage you to shake some dice at your local library. Come on back and tell me what you got to learn about and I'll keep you updated on ours.

We tried doing a round at home and it wasn't as much fun as going to the library. It was actually a lot more work.

Praying you have a fantastic Sunday. Now go out and learn something new.