Monday, August 8, 2011

Meet Me Monday

Sitting here trying to decide what I want to talk about today.

Thought I was going to color my hair and that would give me something to write about.

Knew early grey was in my future so I started coloring early. Then occasionally I would stop coloring it to see how grey it was. Then I would refuse to look at it anymore and color it. Lately I've been liking the grey in my hair with the way it's cut. But I have this box of red waiting for the next's calling my name...wanting to be put on my hair.

So I decided that I needed a change this weekend so I would color my hair. Woke up Saturday morning while the hubby had all the girls occupied downstairs. I walked in the bathroom and looked in the mirror and my hair looked fantastic. I loved it. I hadn't brushed it or washed it or anything. It looked great straight out of bed.

Now I know some of you ladies out there are a little jealous of that fact but it's true. Therefore, I didn't want to color it because I was enjoying it so much. By the end of the day I was frustrated with it and started wondering if I should have colored it. But this left me with nothing to write about today. *sigh*

Asked one of the my girls what I should write about and she told me I should write about this penguin she wants that talks and she thinks Grandma should get it for her. The minds of my monkeys when not steered...

If you would like to read about another lovely lady who is kicking the extra beauty treatment to the curb, go and check out Christy the Writer.

I'm waiting to hear how this past week went for her and if she succeeded in making it through the second week with a sound mind.

How many of you out there go through similar situations like these?
How many of you think I should just color my hair and get it over with?
Have a great week all.