Monday, July 25, 2011

Meet Me Monday

Been pondering what I might share with you about me today. Being my anniversary today, I started thinking about when we got married and how I got where I am today. I also started turning that story into a fictional story...don't have to add too much more drama to it to make it good fiction reading. I've always had some sort of drama in my life. For a while I was called "trouble" by my closest friends. Eh...

So here's what I have come up with...something completely different than anything else I will write.


No lie. I heard the voice loud and clear in my head. It was a male voice. It physically moved me. And here's the kicker...I told Him that I wasn't going to listen to Him. should see what he did to me after that.

The moment happened on my first wedding day. Yes, shocker, this is my second marriage. The first guy was no good and he had mentally abused me to the point that I didn't think I was good enough for anyone else.

My bridesmaids and I were standing in the back of a Catholic church getting ready to walk down the aisle. When it came time for me to meet up with my dad and have him walk me down the aisle, I heard...

"You know you're going to get divorced if you do this."

My response, "Yea, I know. But it will be a good couple of years."

I mean, how dumb can a girl be?

Lasted two years exactly. During those two years he came close to physical abuse (threw things), cheated on me, and lost many good jobs because of his unwillingness to put the effort in. He also blew out his back and was laid off for a while. I got tired of support his ass while he ran around and played with whoever he wanted. I finally had enough. Once he was back on his feet (literally) I told him to leave, I was done.

It was during these two years that God placed my hubby and I on the same path. His brother married my cousin and we met at their wedding. I didn't think about dating my hubby until about two years after that. During those two years, God showed me that there were decent guys out there that were interested and they weren't willing to cross the marriage line. Decent guys! Who could keep a job and show a woman respect without wanting anything in return. So when I got fed up, I knew that I could find someone better and didn't have to deal with this crap anymore.

Rumor has it that he hasn't changed a whole lot in the 10 years since I spoke to him last.

So, that's my story. Moral is...listen when God speaks loudly in your head. And...if you're dating a loser, you can't change him. Only he can choose to change himself. Leave him. He will either change to win you back or will continue to be a loser (then you're better off without him).

I almost thought about digging up the old wedding pictures...they're about 200 miles away. I looked good, so I saved a few.