Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Stinky Cake by Carole Peterson - a review

Borrowed this CD from the library and the girls lit up and danced through dinner. I had to carry it with me everywhere for the two weeks we were lucky enough to have it from the library.

The song list (some may be familiar to you):
Shine, shine, shine!
Shake a friend's hand
Stinky cake!
Everybody clap your hands
Popcorn chant
As I was walking to town
The little fish
I can hammer
Red red Robin sticks dance
Icky sticky and ooey gooey
B-banana / monkey see, monkey do
I like my hat
Partner dance
Great big man
Drumming medley
Tommy thumb is up!
The wind
The penguin song
There's a little whee!

Not the best idea to listen to it at meal time because then they don’t eat, but fun stuffs either way.