Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's My Anniversary

July 25, 2003 Friday night between the rain showers.

 Pictures from my scrapbook so lovingly made for me this day.My niece gave me away.

 In the bottom corner of each page, my friend placed a picture of me dancing. My hubby did a mini-photo shoot that night of me. The pictures are reminiscent of those old fashioned flip books.

 My  hubby spent all morning hanging lights. The wedding was held in his parents backyard. They live on an old farm. It was beautiful green everywhere while the sun was out. Once the sun set, we had hundreds of twinkle lights like stars fallen from the sky.

My sister. She was whispering that my niece had a slight accident and had to chance clothes. She was only 3.
My friend Jody Mae. She helped set me up with my hubby. She helped me organize the wedding. She put me up for the night before the wedding. She created this beautiful scrapbook. She is wonderful.

Pizza, fruit salad and champagne. That was the meal of the night. Frozen pizzas too. Simple and all us.

 The cake. Designed from a store local here in town. It is my hubby's favorite cake and frosting.

My niece. The little lover that she is. And now my tiny girl does the same thing and has the same blonde curls. Maybe it's a 3-year-old thing.

My hubby and I took swing lessons before the wedding. Tons of fun. Would recommend it to any couple. Constant contact with your partner.

And the end of the night. My hubby and two of his three brothers. All dancing to the good bye song.

The morning after. We camped out on the back parcel of land in a tent with a campfire. Took the other brother's 4 wheeler over there and back.

Left overs of my photo shoot. Placed at the back of the scrapbook.

The final resting place of our archway.

The next two days were spent packing to move to Colorado. We took my Jeep Cherokee and his Toyota Celica and all that we could fit in and on them. But that is a story for another time. Hope you enjoyed my scrapbook. It really was a magical day for us.