Saturday, June 25, 2011

Thoughts of Another Agenda

Was hit by a topic for a series of notes.

What about those thoughts that go running through your head and distract you from what you want to be doing or should be doing? I call them Alternate Agenda Thoughts. It's the devil, or the sin in you, trying to distract you from being the best you can be and accomplishing all that God has put you on this earth to do. It's those thoughts that every person has (more so women then men) and some people recognize them for what they. While others are entrapped by them.

There are self-help book after self-help book out there trying to help women conquer these thoughts. I have read some of them. The current one is Battlefield of the Mind: Winning the Battle in Your Mind. It's got some good things in it that we need to be reminded of. That's how I have come to see most self-help books. They are filled with information that we need to be reminded of again and again and again.

So look forward to some more random thoughts and hopefully some helpful hints as to how to turn those thoughts into something profitable or atleast helpful. If you have any thoughts that plague you or topics you would like to see my turn of a thought on, I would love to hear them.

Remember...out there...somewhere...there is a mom...going through something very similar to the things you are going through...and the turns of your thoughts into something good may help them in their journey and on their path.