Monday, June 27, 2011

Random Thoughts from the weekend

Random thoughts from my head.
Not enjoying living in my head lately. And a great friend of mine told me not to live there…just visit.
Throwing a tempertantrum doesn’t get you anywhere and doesn’t solve anything. So why do we feel the need to have them?
Point at a red light.
Zoomed past a minivan and a moving van because I was tired of driving 10 under the speed limit. Just got passed and felt good about accomplishing the task…..when I saw a county police officer up on the hill clocking the traffic going by. I was going 25 over the speed limit at this point. Got on the brakes and thank the Lord, I did not get pulled over.
The words mean one thing, but hearing them mean something different. 
Am enjoying the silence of nobody talking to me and having to talk to nobody.
When it gets to be the end of your life, does everyone want to write about where they’ve been? Or do they want to live it up until it’s over because they have nothing to leave behind.
Does the world seem less safe now than it did 50 years ago? Could it be a simple math problem. Let’s say, on average, there are 2 really bad people out of every 100. So in a town of 10,000 there would be 200 really bad people. It’s not that there are more bad people in the world; it’s because there are more people in the world in general.
Can you form a habit of thought? Silly question, of course you can. Can the habit of thought be yearly? Not daily. Every year at the same time, nothing specific to tell that it is that time of year.
Taking a break from the computer and the phone is liberating. But not everyone agrees with this thought process.
Afraid of letting my personality show. Because not everyone agrees or can handle my personality at it’s fullest.
We all know how wishes work. You’ll get it, but not always the way you want it.
On vacation, who cares about what time it is.
Today is my day. From the moment I opened the door and smelled the air. The weather is exactly how I feel. My mind has been a pile of much. Some beautiful things can grow in muck. But not everything we need can grow in muck. But today…the sun is fighting to get through the clouds and the breeze is out helping as well. I am shaking the rain from my brain. Blowing the cobwebs from my mind. I am stretching up to the Sun. This is the type of day that I just want to walk and walk and walk until I can’t walk anymore. Then sit down, enjoy the breeze and an Arnold Palmer. When that’s done, get up and start walking again until I get tired or it is too dark to see.