Friday, June 24, 2011

What I found Friday. Discover the Best of the Web

I stumbled upon this site about a month ago. And I love it. Ever wonder where some people find the amazing things they do on the web? Or just feel bored out of your mind and wonder what odd stuff you can find without having to put effort into it?

I have. Sometimes I get stuck with a word in my head and I go stumbling trying to see where it will take me. Other times I just go a wandering to the sites that I know usually find the cool stuff.

Now when I need something mindless to do and want to be astounded...I go to StumbleUpon.

You can also sign up for weekly Stumble updates. That takes bits of what you're interested in and shows you something on that topic.

You can also post sites and pages to Stumble for other people to find.

I've found cool art projects and cool art. As well as some really odd things that I hope to never find again. Can't believe what some people put on the web. Then again, I can't believe some it would make sense that they may put that on the web. *sigh*

Go start Stumbling and have some fun!

PS...I don't get paid for any of the fun advertising I do. I share these things because I know there is someone out there looking for what I have found.