Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Adventure Revisited

My loving Hubby said to the girls at lunch today...want to go somewhere outside with me so that Mom can do her chores. Most of you are probably thinking that is the most awesome thing that he could do. I got stressed out over all that small thought would require of me. Washed floors, dishes done and away, laundry done and away, and I'm sure he would like the playroom cleaned as well. (I am protesting the playroom.) I knew I had limited time to get this all done.

Before they left, I asked...what exactly would you like me to get done. The response, "everything".

I swept and washed the floors as they were walking out the door. Went upstairs to start a load of laundry...and that's when it happened. I looked in the mirror.

I don't tend to do that very often. I know what I look like. I have a very simple hair style that doesn't require styling. And I have no one to impress...I always have a monkey attached to me which would explain anything that is happening to me that day.

Color or cut it? This philosophy started when I was about 18. Got extremely ticked off at my boyfriend at the time and went inside and cut a good 12 inches of hair off and waited to see who would notice and what reaction it would cause. It's a relief, it's a weight off my shoulders (literally).

Looking in the mirror I knew it was time to color it. Good genetics has caused my hair to turn grey since I was 18. Tested it and am going over 50% grey at age 35 (not ready for that look yet). Only issue with coloring hair felt dirty, so I would have to wash it and I had just started a load of laundry and the list of thought just kept running through my head as I picked up the scissors out of the medicine cabinet and took the first chunk off.

Then I paused and looked. What was I doing? I didn't need a hair cut. Pretty sure I cut it only a couple of weeks ago. Then the acknowledgment of the stress haircut hit me. I talked to myself about it as I finished off my haircut.

This isn't such a bad stress reliever. There are a thousand other ways that you could be throwing your tempertantrum right now. This is where your tiny-girl gets it from. Can't go thinking Daddy was a little terror anymore. I could be one of those people who take off running when the stress gets too much. Could be drinking the day away. Could be eating all of those chocolate bunnies the girls still have waiting in the cupboard.

Finished up the haircut and showered off all the little hairs before the rinse cycle started on my load of wash. .:pat on the back:. Got dressed and went about folding and putting away the laundry upstairs.

I was working on the dishes when the crew came home from their adventure to Menards. The Hubby commented on how nice the house looked. My Amberlet asked me if I had gotten a haircut and told me that she liked it (she was the only one to notice).

Would love to share pics...just haven't felt up to taking them of me yet. Still feeling a little blah about the day. But I survived it and got a new haircut out of the deal...and a clean house.