Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I know I just need to sit down and write something powerful and inspirational here. And now that I've done brain has been short circuiting for the past month. Not quite sure if it's because of the messed up weather. The impending "doom" of school being done and having to entertain (keep them from killing each other without wearing myself out) the monkey circus.

Asked my husband the other day how we got so lucky to have such cute girls. He jokingly said that it was God's way of ensuring a long life for them...or something like that. I does help that they are so cute when they are doing the most fascinating activities I can think of. Kissing worms. Trapping the 3yo on the playhouse. Breaking things and then not understanding why mom can't fix it. Eating a pound of chocolate in 3 minutes. They keep me on my toes and it helps that they are so cute.

So, been trying to brainstorm and inspiration hits and then I try to take control of it and it falters. ACK. But I did get some of my new inspiration up on Etsy today. Checked out ArtFire too (got frustrated and left them alone for the night, came here instead).

2 more weeks of school for the one daughter. 3 weeks for the other. And the third one can't wait to go to school and will be a true challenge to her teachers. The 3yo taught herself (with the littlest of help from me) to write her own name one day during church. This is also the child that taught herself (again with the tiniest of help) to read Brown Bear, Brown Bear in an hour...and then recited it to me the next day in the car.

These are todays uploads (didn't create today and feel a little bummed about that).
They are my latest wonderful inspirations that I don't think I could get through my day without.
The SO bookmark especially. The one I have in my notebook (in each notebook actually) helps so much when I need to tag an item to come back to or to mark where I stopped writing. The one in the Bible I use for  the girls nightly devotional has one in as well. It saves me every night. I get doing my therapy stretches and all of a sudden, they are done doing stories and are waiting for me to read the devotional. I have the strands spread out throughout the Bible in the regular stops for this devotional book so that I can quick grab the strand and find the verse in seconds instead of trying to remember where the chapters are located in the Bible.

I think that's all I have for tonight. Got more in the works but I don't know that I'm ready to share it yet;P