Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Movie Review - The Marine

Really enjoyed watching this movie with my husband, the former Marine. Was a little worried when I saw it was a WWE movie.
The story is about a Special Ops Marine who does what he believes is right and gets discharged because it was against orders. His wife is extremely happy to have him home. Which leads to one of my favorite lines..."Where we going? To make me happy."
They find out that he is not capable of holding down a civilian job and decide to take a vacation up into the mountains instead of the beach. And this is where the story gets rolling.
The bad guys enter the story as the bad guys do in these movies. They take his wife as a hostage after they luckily knock him unconscious. Little did they know that they messed with the wrong man's wife. He fights and chases and trails and fights his way to rescue her.

It is the Marine love story. Maybe it's just me and my passion for a Marine. This was one of the few Marine movies that my husband sat through and enjoyed without picking it apart. I really enjoyed sharing this with him.

Here are a few of my favorite items from the movie...

  • "I thought you said there were no crocodiles." "Those are alligators." "You think they're hungry?" "Not anymore."
  • "It'll be fun, like summer camp."
  • When the wife fights back and I was waiting for the husband to enter the scene and show how proud he is of her and how she handles herself.
Would definitely recommend this for a date night movie.