Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Movie Review - Easy A

Loved this movie. Think I may need to own this one.

A reminder of what high school was like or what high school is like. A straight-up honest girl with a great sense of humor about life is just looking to survive high school. She is torn between being the girl who no one notices and the girl that everyone notices. She is a wise woman beyond her years and that could be due to the way her parents have raised her. Her parents are like the ideal parents. Everyone wants to have cool parents like this; they play with words and make fun seriously. She has a best friend who acts like the stereo-typical blonde.

The start of movie, the start of the school year, and the girls are checking in to see how the latest escapades went. She doesn't want to seem lame, so she tells a lie to her best friend about having spent the night with a college boy. She figures that it won't do anyone any harm because it's just her best friend...until you hear the toilet flush. And the game is on.

In lit class they are reading The Scarlet Letter and the story blossoms from there. She ends up in detention with one of her close friends who is gay and is being bullied because of it. They come up with the plan on how to stop the bullying for him and give in to her need to be the center of attention. And it flows from there.

It shows how the high school rumor mills go. And I was amazed at how fast the rumor mills fly with technology added into it; it's almost instant.

Some of my favorite moments/lessons...

  • Don't always believe what you hear, especially in the bathroom.
  • It's the "new" boy next door story
  • The truest friends are the ones that stand by you through the hardest times and know your deepest desires
  • searching for answers in the Bible because talking to a priest just doesn't work for her
  • searching for answers on your own and relying on your own senses will take you down a deep spiral
  • people aren't always who you think they are
  • the awesome parents that teach you something, while being cool and supporting you in all your endeavors, they know what you want when you need it
  • be the grown up that teens feel free to come to in any situation
It was fun and entertaining. It gave me hope for my girls. That they will be strong and powerful women like this one. It gives me hope that I may be able to be the cool parent that my children will come to.