Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Movie Review - Dr DoLittle 2 and Dr DoLittle Million Dollar Mutts

Watched these both in the same week as a family. Neither one kept my girls attention and my husband was ready to turn them both off. I'm the type of person who does a thing to the end.

Dr Do Little 2 is about the doctor coming to reality about his new found fame and what it's doing to his family. He gets a chance to save a chunk of nature and an endangered animal in the process. As he does this, he also gets to save his family and grow closer to them. I loved the story line. Doing all that you can to save nature and learn all you can about it in the process. Learning who you really are and doing what God intended you to really do with your life. It showed how even the littlest person can make a big effect in the world. Also how if the little guys band together, they can conquer a giant. And one of my favorites...never be ashamed of your God given gifts. He gave them to you for a reason, you need to learn how to use them.

Dr Do Little 5 Million Dollar Mutts is about the youngest Do Little coming of age and doing the thing that she is passionate about. She gets distracted by the glitz and the glamor and the quick easy fix. Many good lessons to learn from this one.

  • Being a friend is a powerful thing; being a true friend can change a person's life. 
  • Don't sign a contract with out reading it or having your lawyer read it.
  • Family will always been there for you. 
  • You shouldn't lie or try to hide things from your mother; she will always find out.
  • Being selfish can hurt others more than it can help you.
  • Follow your dream and don't get distracted by that shiny thing over there.
Great morals and story lines if you can get past all of the cheesy jokes and talking animals.