Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Latest Creation

Spent the better part of 7 hours yesterday on this project. It's been a month in the works total, but now that the deadline is looming in, I put the pedal to the metal and drank a cup of coffee at 7pm. For the average person, this may not be that big of a deal. For me, when 11pm rolled around, I wasn't the least bit tired and I was frozen from sitting in the "sleepytime" temps of our house.

This coming weekend, I am doing my first live presentation at a retreat. Ok, so it's my first presentation ever. The church that I go to has asked me to come and help with their jewelry portion of their girls retreat. I have designed the project and gathered the supplies. I have done 5 different samples and have finally (in the last moments) found the proper size and styling.

I had mentioned to these ladies that one of my inspirations was to create a bracelet that had all of the stones from the priest's breastplate in Exodus 21. The symbolism of it would make a very awesome piece of jewelry to wear. That is my project. SO I started searching for the beads to use and try and get them all compatible if not the same. Then to build it to fit the average wrist.

The first one was perfect. Then they tossed in that they wanted a pearl inserted in it to go with the rest of their weekend training. Back to the drawing board. Too small. Too big. Too much gold. Finally, got it! Now to go and check the Bible to make sure that I have the correct stones in the correct order because who knows what could have happened to my notes or while I was making notes.

Checked 9 different versions of the Bible. Yes, 9. And not a single one was exactly the same for each stone placement. So which way do I design it. Compiled a consensus and used the most likely order of things. Which happened to be a little different than the original one that I had designed.

Then in popped the question of what the stones are for the temple base in Revelations 28. In all of the 9 versions of the Bible, they were exactly the same and in the same order. And miraculously, it was the stones that I had been using just in a different order and there are pearls at the gates. So the finished bracelet meets what I had set out to do only a little different.
The Exodus on the left. The Revelations on the right. Love them. Can't wait to wear one of my own.