Tuesday, March 1, 2011

God has big plans for me

This past weekend I sat down for a meeting of the minds of fellow crafters. I have got all the business steps up and running. Today, after getting that all set up, I was informed that I would not be needed at school anymore during the time that I am available. Which is extremely heartbreaking because I love these kids. I'm guessing that this experience is going to teach me many things and allow me to expand my horizons.

Just call me Jabez. I'm going to lean on my faith and not my understanding as to what He has in store for me. I just know that He will open the doors that I knock on. He will answer my calls when in need. He will always be there when I seek Him.

I'm ready to take that first step and allow Him to be the lamp to my feet and to lead me through this forest that is unknown to me. I'm starting to get excited just thinking about it now. Fear, step aside, Jesus is taking your place.