Monday, March 7, 2011

Awesome Girls Retreat

Had a fantastic time at the girls retreat this past weekend.
Friday night I joined them for singing and their guest speakers. Powerful stuff both of them. And then we designed carpenter rings until midnight. A carpenter ring is something I stumbled onto about a year ago. I had some wood beads in my storage container and thought they would make an awesome ring to wear. I was right. I loved it! And then moment I placed it on my finger, I thought, "I am in love with a carpenter." Second thought was that I needed to send this ring to one of my best friends. She would love it as well. Took it to a woman's retreat and it was a hit there as well. So I offered to bring my wood beads and let the girls create their own carpenter rings to show that they are in love with a carpenter as well. (By the way, in case you didn't know, Jesus was a carpenter.)

Saturday when I showed back up to share the gems of the Bible bracelets, I was asked if I had brought my beads with again. Some of the girls found out about the rings the next morning and wished that they had known what we had been making the night before because now they want one. Unfortunately I had not brought them with; fortunately I had brought some that I had already made with.
The Bible bracelets were a huge hit once they were made. Making them was a bit of a chore for some. Never realized how hard it was for some people to tie a knot. The girls and moms loved them and some were even wearing them still at church the next day.
I learned a lot of great things about raising girls this weekend listening to the teens and their parents. Took many notes because I am one day going to be a mom of three teenage girls *sigh*. But atleast I won't be alone in it and there are women in the church who will be there to help me through  it, as I witnessed this weekend.