Sunday, March 20, 2011

Book Review - Ingraine the Brave by Cornelia Funke

The cover is what caught my eye on this book sitting on the library shelf. A girl knight riding a horse. Sounds like something my daughters would be interested in hearing. Picked it up and read the book jacket. Singing books, parents get turned into pigs, big brother that picks on little sister, sounds like a good book. The only thing that had me leery was the magic part of the book. Was it going to be Cinderella type magic or Harry Potter.

The book starts off well. Igraine wants to be like her grandfather, an excellent knight. The rest of her family wants her to learn magic, which she has no interest in. The family is creating a birthday present for her when all goes wrong because of a wrong word. Her parents turn into pigs and the bad guy enters the picture and tries to lay siege to the castle. It's up to Igraine and her brother to save the day.

With a little help from some friends they overcome challenge after challenge. And it turns out that the magic is more of a Cinderella type than a Harry Potter. Rhyming words and a poof.

The girls enjoyed it as a bedtime story. They were surprised at the ending. And even my husband read from it a couple of nights.