Monday, March 21, 2011

Movie Review - Date Night

This was a great date night movie. My husband and I picked this one up from the library to watch. Going to the library has become our date night. Then during the week after the kids are in bed, we stay up and watch the movies we picked up from the library. This was one of our choices this last week.

It's about the "typical" family...husband and wife both work and have two kids together. They have a standing date night where the sitter just shows up so they can go out. The first date night that you get to share with them is how we feel some nights. Both are worn out and just want to sit and enjoy being with the family, not necessarily doing anything, just sitting. The sitter walks in and they both try to muster up some excitement to go out to their usual date night. Watching how they interact together is very cute. The little quirks they have together as a couple shows that 50 years down the road, this couple would still be together because they know how to entertain each other.
Then they go to a book club meeting and get to talking to another couple that they are friends with. And the conversations they have individually with these friends are home-hitting conversations that they ingest and it starts to wonder. I would call this, "the devil in the details".
Our next date night with our couple goes a little different. She gets all dolled up to spice things up. He just about drops to the floor in awe and decides to make her dressing up worth the effort. He offers to take her to a restaurant that she had commented on wanting to go to. That is one awesome husband in my book. It showed that he actually listens to her and pays attention to things she "drops" that she would like.
They head to the city and the restaurant where they get stuck at the bar because there are no tables open because you need to make reservations a month in advance. She tries telling him that the usual is ok and that she doesn't mind if they go somewhere else, the effort has been dually noted. He is determined to show his wife a good time and show himself that they have not sunk into a rut and have become roommates. When he hears the hostess calling repeated for the Triplehorns. That's when all the fun happens. I'd share more, but the rest is just too darn funny to ruin for anyone who hasn't seen it yet.
The dynamics of this couple is amazing and makes you want to strive to have what they've got. The writers did an awesome job on portraying what the American family should look like with bits of how we are. One of my favorite parts (because I still do it) is when she counts to 3 for the daughter's misbehavior. It doesn't stop the behavior immediately and it takes all 3 numbers to get the child to stop, but the child does stop at 3 and goes stomping off that her fun has been ruined by mom.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who needs a good laugh. And actually have recommended it, my mom and I are planning on watching it before it has to go back to the library.