Sunday, March 13, 2011

An Amish Christmas by Cynthia Keller (a book review)

Loved this book. Went to the library this past week and found that I had a book on hold for me. I don't remember requesting it. Nice surprise after the torture that last book was to me. Started reading it the next day.

It is a very well written book. It hit home hard this week. The idea that in one moment everything can be taken away from you is frightening. The realization that we are raising a generation of spoiled brats that need everything they want and need it right now. And that these kids don't know the meaning of respect for anyone, including themselves.

The life of the Amish is something we all need to visit and readjust our living to be like. We need to slow down and stop trying to out race everyone and everything inorder to find time to sit and vegetate. If we did everything we do with a purpose and for the glory of God, we'll do it better and feel better about all that we do. There is no need to compete and everyone helps each other out because without that, no one would survive.

The simple changes in life that change this family shows the power of God and redemption. There is forgiveness for everything we do. That doesn't change the choices we've made, but we don't have to live in hell here on earth.

I would suggest this book to everyone I know who is feeling lost in the world today and that it's just one challenge after another. Slow down, release yourself from your stuff and baggage and do everything for the glory of God.