Thursday, March 10, 2011

Following the Right Path

Today marked the final lesson in my first Bible study since 2003. Wow, it's been too long when you put it that way. Looks like my praying to find the Right Path (for 2 years) has paid off. God's biggest lesson for us is learning patience.
Was invited to a MOMS group who was studying The Power of a Praying Woman by Stormie Omartian. It was a fantastic study and just kept hitting home all the things going on around us and in us and with my friends. It takes you step by step through the how and why and when of praying. It shows you the examples of prayers answered in the Bible; some quick to answer and some not.
We ended today with a question as to how we are going to use this lesson and how we're going to keep ourselves accountable for it. Because without prayer, you're just walking through the dark with your eyes closed.
I am going to continue to pray for me. Sounds selfish, but here's the why: because I can only change myself. If I make a change in me to live the life of a better Christian, everyone around me will see it. Some will choose to make similar changes because they like what they see and some won't. Some will make immediate changes and some will watch for a while before they see. Some will ask why such good things keep happening to me and not them and some will see the same results. Because of constant prayer and walking with the Lord.
I'm taking this lesson with me to my next FPT event. Because there are women from all walks coming together because of the bond of friendship. We are going to drink wine, create works of art, make new sentences, and glorify God in all that we do.
Looking forward to the event and to show these women the change in me and see how it effects a change in them.