Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Every year it's the same thing, getting ready to do the taxes. File away the old files. Make new ones for the upcoming year. Make sure that I have all the proper paperwork to do them all quick as a bunny. Something always throws a glitch in it. It's never a major glitch but always something that irritates me.

Which makes me wonder why I went to college to become an accountant. Aren't they all about this sort of stuff? Hate preparing taxes. Don't mind it when they're done and don't mind paying my taxes. It's just the during that gets me going.

I like dealing with numbers and I like doing data entry into the computer. Not quite sure I needed a degree to do that though. Been thinking about turning my degree around to use it for teaching. Recently found out that I could become a substitute teacher by just taking an extra class and registering with the district. Sounds pretty cool because I love going to help out at school and wish I could do more of it. I guess this would be the way.

Just throw another thing onto my plate. I'm sure my husband thinks that I don't do enough yet.