Monday, February 21, 2011

100th Day of School

This year the first graders were requested to wear 100 of something for the 100th day of school.
There were some extremely creative (and some not so) ideas. I saw one kid with 100 candy hearts glued to her shirt. One kid had 100 puffy dinosaur stickers on a shirt. One kid had 100 cds strung on a cord around their neck. Some had 100 beads strung, some had 100 pieces of cereal strung. A few had 100 pennies glued to their shirt. One kid had 100 ribbons sewn together to make a hula skirt. One kid had strung 100 paperclips together to make a necktie. A teacher had 100 buttons sewn onto a sweater.
So we put our heads together and tried to think about what we could do to help celebrate. I'm sure we have 100 silly bands or 100 jelly bracelets (for those of you who can remember those). I know we have 100 beads. But what else do we have that would be fun to do.
We found 100 socks. We believe that the cool sock obsession may be hereditary. So I searched my recycle collection. I save so many things that may come in handy. Drives my husband batty. Lucky us found 100 socks that no one was wearing and that (for the most part) can be used permanently on this project. With sisters on the way up, it felt good to put the 2 days of work into this project and the many hours of frustration.

The actual skirt has 86 socks sew into it. The headband is another 6. Two to make the scarf and two to make the belt. Two for a pair of mittens and two on her feet. She loved this outfit and wore it all day long. Even tried sleeping with it. Many complements that day.