Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Just had my mom, sister and her crew up for a birthday party. They were only able to stay for the day because of the weather. Usually they stay for the weekend so that we get to spend some "quality" time together after the party and the next day before they go back home.
I was amazed at how much I missed them this weekend when our visit got cut short. We've never been really close before. But something happened between us all in the past couple of years. We lean on each other and we're talking to each other like women and friends rather than relatives. It's really kind of nice. We spent most of our lives being related to each other and now we get to be family again, like when we were little.
This has led to a craving for some more family time. Miss those "any occasion is an occasion" get-togethers that the extended family would have all year round. Almost want to call a Riley clan get-together and see who shows. Or go driving the 3 hours to bombard someone and enjoy being around more family than you can shake a stick at.
Which has also brought up that many of my girlfriends are having hubby issues (which we all do at one point or another). But now would also be a good time to get together with all of the girlfriends. Hmmm...wonder how much of this I can mush together and make happen?
Well, that's me trying to do too much at once again.