Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Busy Life or Good vs Great

It has been super long since I wrote on here. There haven't been many days where I haven't kicked myself for not stopping to jot a few thoughts down or some ideas that I have found. Lately it's been weighing heavier because I have so much that I want to do right now ...all at the same time.

Which is where I need to focus and try to discover which is good and which is great. Which choice is going to make the greatest impact to the most amount of people? Which choice is going to have a lasting ripple effect compared to just a drop in a puddle? Which one is God calling me to and not me becoming prideful?

I've narrowed it down to what am I really being called to do. I believe that I am being called to be a light and a spark in this dark world. I believe that I am being called to make a difference in the youth in our community.

That means that I am going to try tackling the project of sparking a mentoring system in our church for one. We have an amazing core of ladies in our congregation. We have had a lot of those amazing ladies get burnt out on what they were doing or they are feeling the call to be effective somewhere else in the congregation. Which has been leaving huge gaps that we have not been able to fill easily. It has been tugging on me for over a year to start up a mentoring program for our youth. I just did not feel prepared or able to run it myself. Recently, I have read enough and listened enough to know that I should not be the magic in this. I need to find resources and create a system for us to use to get this project off the ground. I also have a very energetic woman willing to walk alongside me and get this project rolling to the entire congregation and not just the youth. Her daughter has shared with her the amazing things that are happening at the church she belongs to at college. She wants this to happen here as well. Hopefully that means that I'll remember to use this as a teaching board on the information that I learn to make that go.

The second thing that I'm going to tackle is transforming all the leadership information I have into simple form for 5th graders to use. I spent a lot of time in my daughter's classroom this year and I realized that most of the issues going on in the classroom is due to the children's lack of integrity. character, people skills, and want to be the leader. They all want to be followers. It is a very sad state of affairs. I was at a leadership convention and I was sparked by the idea of transforming all the leadership training that I have had and that I have access to into 15-20 minute bits for the kids to learn in their spare time. Things that are applicable to what they go through every day in the classroom. This is hopefully where I'll remember to place all of new things that I've created for them. Kind of try it out here and hope it works. They main problem that I'm running into is the security on the school's system does not like some of the websites available. Need to keep working on those bugs every chance I get.

My first project is going to be the personality types. I LOVE Personality Plus by Florence Littauer. It has been an eye opener. There are many other great authors who have worked on the same ideas of the four quadrants. But I like to use hers best, especially the for Parents version.

I took her quiz and created a website friendly version. I want the kids to be able to do this in a few seconds or a few minutes and then get on to some sort of lesson on what the results were. If they need to do the paper version, it may take all of the free time up that they have available. I know it has when I tried doing the paper type for my girls.

So... let's see if these work. I started with just the strength ones so far because I didn't want to put all that work in and have it be for naught.