Sunday, January 17, 2016


I just got to experience an amazing weekend with the ladies from church. This is our second year hosting a retreat to start off the year. Each year has blessed us with unexpected connections.

This year's topic was REFUGE.
We discussed at our annual meeting that we want to be a refuge for each other and the ladies in our community. We decided to study and discuss it together.

Our first speaker taught us that we are a lot like her dog. We know there's this beautiful house where we are cared for and loved. But when the storms come, we hide in the smallest place possible and the simplest place.

The second speaker was me. I shared my refuge and how my personality may not make me seem like the best refuge for ladies. But with trust and understanding, you will be the right refuge for the right person, like searching for a port in the storm when a boat is in need of refuge.

Third speaker taught us through music and the Psalms how we should search for refuge instead of trying to hide in our box in the woods. We need to run from to run to and cry out and claim the victory by reading and remembering so that we can rest and rejoice in our Lord.

Our fourth speaker told us her story and how she has overcome struggles by continuously coming back to the Lord as her refuge. She taught us how He has instilled in us all the gift of creation. We each have the gift to create something and it serves as a refuge to us.

I think we had the most fun with the personality test we took as our ice breaker. It was silly and right on the money for certain things. But it helped us recognize the similarities and differences between us all and that we need one if each to get certain things done in life.

As I was reflecting on the weekend, I realized how blessed I was. That if anything happened in my life, I wouldn't want to be with any other group of ladies. The prayer warriors, the care givers, the entertainers, and everyone inbetween. I feel blessed to be able to learn more about them and allow them to learn more about me. And to learn how to become closer to our Lord and let Him shine through us to the world.

I am blessed. Now I need to continue to be a blessing.