Monday, March 20, 2017

And the project moves on

Wahoo! So excited that the last try worked at school! Now to create a presentation to send it to the kids. That is going to be the most nerve wracking part of the whole thing. All of my negative voices are popping up and worrying about them judging me. To which I want to smack around because they're 10. It doesn't matter too much what they think about my video recording. But I want to do my best. That is something that I want to be concerned about. I want to make sure that I make the best impact and accomplish the greatest reaction with all of this information.

I'm going to start with the different personality types. Because if you understand that not everyone thinks the same as you, you can learn to talk differently. If you have a strong personality and talk to an introverted personality as if they were you, there's a really good chance you will crush them. Vice versa, they will not take you seriously.

Just helping the students understand that people think differently and most of the problems in the classroom will disappear. Well, I have high expectations. They need to understand that talking differently to different personalities will result in different outcomes. That will help most of the problems in the classroom. At least this is my hope.

I want to take some time to teach them about the strengths and weaknesses of each quadrant of the personalities. Helping them see how they can spot these strengths in their classmates thereby allowing them to make better choices when picking partners to get things done. Helping them know these weaknesses will allow them to be better leaders in the class. They can help their classmates overcome their weakness or help them pair up with someone who has the strength that would compensate.

This is the next focus. Got some good notes started already. Need to try and flush it out better to make sure I get them the best information. Then I'm moving on to conflict resolution.

Wish me luck and keep me in your prayers.