Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Updates on brain washing

It was an amazing moment. It was finally warm enough to walk to school to bring the girls case you didn't know, we live in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin. Weeks of 20 below weather has been our regular. We have also had massive amounts of snow. I feel just like a kid again with snowbanks higher than my kids. It is absolutely wonderful and I hear that there's more snow coming. 4 below this morning wasn't too happy but it's February and I live in Wisconsin. got to be 8 above and the wind was pretty much nil, so I decided to walk and enjoy the sunshine. As I was waiting for the bell to ring and reading my book when the other parents started to arrive. All the negative small talk amongst them made me ill, confused, and glad that I no longer think like that. They were all complaining about the more cold coming and the more snow coming. I was amazed because they seem to have forgotten that they live in Wisconsin. They seem to have forgotten that it is February. I don't know why you would complain about something you cannot change. can change it by moving yourself to a different part of the country that does not experience such weather. Complaining about anything does not solve the problem it just spread negativity.

Which made me so very glad about my brain washing. I get excited about every snowflake in every snowfall. I get excited about the sunshine and the warmth. I bundle up and stay where it's warm when it gets cold. I enjoy the season that I am in. Why complain when I cannot change the weather. The only thing I can change is me and I choose to change me for the better, to lift myself up and thereby lifting up those around me. Change is inevitable, you might as well embrace it and use it for your improvement.

After that day at school, I have noticed it a lot more often. The natural tendency to think negatively in the people around me. It makes me sad. why would you want to look at the downside of everything rather than find that silver lining in all around you.

I encourage you to start noticing what you say and what you listen to from those around you.