Monday, July 15, 2013

Becoming the Woman of His Dreams - book review

A friend of mine gave me this book with the cover hidden because not every woman wants to become the "woman of his dreams". My friend shared with me the author, Sharon Jaynes, and I was excited to read it because I loved her Power of a Woman's Words.

 Page 8 has one of my favorite quotes, "Where the glass slipper meets the road."

Sharon Jaynes goes through the basics of what we women need to be reminded of to make a great marriage. Today's society doesn't have marriage classes for all of us to take. We also don't have that many great marriages to look at and mentor after. Which is why I am grateful for these wonderful authors that are Christian based and honest about their marriage now and before they learned what they've learned.

I would definitely add it to the stack of books to give to newlyweds.

And for all of you wives out there, don't let the title stop you from reading this. She is a great author and gives many great reminders for all of us women. Share it with a Bible study or a book club you may have. Sharon Jaynes has included a study guide at the end of the book.

What great books have you read lately.