Thursday, July 25, 2013

10 years has brought me to this day.

I am celebrating an exciting 10 years of marriage to my wonderful hubby today. It has been quite an adventuresome day so far.

Woke to a wonderful love note from the hubby and a hot pot of coffee. Received a message to let me know that dinner was taken care of and that I didn't need to prepare anything!!!

We took our breakfast on a walk today. Which didn't turn out as fabulously as Monday's same adventure went. I should know better that something wonderful cannot be repeated exactly as it was done the first time. Alot more bickering and non-participation which ended in new injuries. Some how, I didn't have band-aids on me...not quite sure how this happened yet, but we survived.

The girls decided that we should color my hair first. It looked really good on the box. Should have known when the cream kept getting brighter and brighter orange. It said vibrant medium red. yeah...
 She said the back is darker than the front.
She also told me that she really likes it.

Then she told me that the cakes she's baking look just like my hair.

The cakes are for Grandma's birthday tomorrow. We're taking a quick road trip to spend the day with her.

What do you think? I think the bright blue suit I found for a steal yesterday may be too much color to go with my hair.

We are also making a giant cookie for the hubby for our anniversary.

 And some frozen applesauce bites because the yogurt ones were so yummy!

And I still have to finish cleaning the house and sewing up some projects that are cluttering up the kitchen. We've been sewing up a storm here at our house. I should get some pics of the girls in their fascinating creations.

I can't wait to see what adventures the rest of the day bring us. Hopefully they are all less bright than my hair. Think I would have been better off going blue. At least I would have expected a bright color.