Thursday, March 21, 2013

Life has been crazy in Siberia

Northern Wisconsin...over a half a foot of snow in my yard...below freezing temps for as long as I can remember...snow every day...blustery winds...we do have some sun though...sounds like Siberia to me. We are all anxiously awaiting spring to burst forth in all of it's glory and wake up to a wonderland of greenness. I know I'm dreaming but it makes me happy.

Especially after a week of hospital visits with my girl and then she makes a miraculous recovery. Mix of emotions on that one. This is such a stretched out story but it is life perfectly with this Amber girl. A week ago Sunday her sister asked what was wrong with her because she didn't look good. I didn't think much of it or the next couple of hours of fussing and complaining very loudly because that is her temperment. When she started screaming and calling for me, I knew something was really wrong because that is not how she normally is even if she's sick. She showed me where is hurt and I touched her belly and she screamed louder. I called my dad right away to see if I had to find a way to get her to the ER. He suggested that I do because there isn't much in the area of complaint than the appendix. YIKES. Now to find the hubby with my car.

Found him. The friends that were with him offered to stay and watch the rest of the kids so that we could dash off in the blizzard to the ER. Got her in and ran all of the tests. They got her on an IV and she even got a shot of morphine because she hadn't stopped crying and hollering since we had gotten there. Turns out that the IV caused a monster bruise on her arm and she got pinched in one of the blood draw exchanges. The tests showed that it would be worth doing an ultrasound on her belly to rule out appendicitis. Found out this week at the doctor's office that the tests showed nothing. The blip was from an outside contaminant. A little irritating but a blessing in disguise because she was put on amoxicillian and that killed whatever may have been living in her. I think that the combination of the ultrasound pushing on her belly, the IV fluids, the morphine, and all of the prayers cured her. Well, started the fight. We were sent home at 1am and it took us an hour to drive a normally 20 minute drive because there was a new 6 inches of snow on the ground.

Kept everyone home the next day. Sent everyone off on Tuesday. Got a call at 1pm that my Amber girl had spiked a fever again. Kept her the next day because she was still spiking a fever that night. Wednesday she was doing good, I was excited that she was getting better. Then I knocked her off balance. I rubbed her head because I had bumped her and the next thing I knew she and the chair were falling over. Gashed the back of one foot that swelled up to twice it's size and nicked the other. I felt horrible. Kept her home the next day and since she couldn't step on it, we went in to see if it was broken.

Not broken, just a severe sprain that still has her foot swollen a week later. She was put in an air splint and given crutches, which she refused to use until her sister started competing with her on them. Then she lost a tooth and the substitute toothfairy was called in and fell asleep before completing the mission causing all sorts of conversations in our house. Was the toothfairy captured? Was she real? Is a Lego tower the best form of protection for a tooth?

A week later, she decides that she wants to go swimming with her class without complications and has started walking on the injured foot. Caught her running on it today because she doesn't want to deal with the crutches anymore. And as I type this, Daddy is off to the rescue because it sounds like she reinjured it playing with her sister instead of trying not to get hurt. To be 6 again and think you're invincible.

Cookies are baked for her class because they have been AWESOME helpers for her. So I can head off to bed...maybe...ER survey at 745pm? Ugh....