Saturday, February 23, 2013

It hurts

Smashed my finger in the door this morning. Haven't taken a picture of it to share with you though. But I did break  bent severely my wedding ring. I took it off so as not to lose the stone. The stone fell out when I tried to fix it when I got back home from the store. My finger is all swollen so I couldn't even get it back on if I wanted to.

I think the worse part of this is the emotional strain it's putting me through. I feel a wreck. And it's not like my finger is naked and giving me a complex. Ya'll know that naked finger syndrome. I still have my engagement ring and my carpenter ring. Just the thought that I broke my wedding ring is messing totally with my head.

Top it off...I'm going to have a house full of people tonight for Tiny girl's fifth birthday and tomorrow I am giving a talk at church for our Women's Ministry. Oh and the girls have been at war all week if they haven't been helpful. It's like living in a bipolar circus.

So my next book to read is Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman. We'll see if he has any insights into how to fix me.

What do you do when something throws you off course mentally?