Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Our Tree Named Steve - book review

I just read this book to the girls before bed the other night. We all LOVED it.

With how much the girls enjoyed I Ain't Gonna Paint No More, I decided to search the library to see if they had any other books illustrated by David Catrow. His drawings is what the girls loved the most about that book.

This book turned out to be more fun than the title led it to believe it would be. Especially for my crew who loves being outside and being around trees. And there were three kids in the story; it's just a good thing they didn't catch on to the fact they weren't all girls.

The story is a letter from Dad to the kids while they are staying at Grandma's house. It's all about a tree that they saved from the construction crew and had become a part of the family. I won't ruin the ending for you because I had to read it twice to catch all of it. The girls absolutely loved it and they asked me to read it again right away. Can't wait to see what they'll want to call our tree when it finally warms up to get outside.

Can't wait to read the rest of the books I found illustrated by David Catrow.