Tuesday, December 11, 2012

One of those days.

I know that there are some out there that can relate to how I feel today. And I must preface it by saying that I am doing a very good job staying just above it and not letting it drag me down.

Today I have the feeling that I am not able to do anything right. That I keep messing it all up and tossing the good things in life down a very large hole.

I know this is not true. But I also know that my perfectionism and procrastination has caused some issues in my life. Which is why my desk looks as it does.

It was clean and organized just over a week ago.

Doesn't help that the hubby just recently read The Mind Body Prescription. So all of my pain is coming from my mind. The fact that I have two herniated discs pinching a nerve and two more discs with the start of arthritis limiting movement...has nothing to do with the pain I feel. I do acknowledge that the pain increases with stress of any kind. But today is not a happy day for me.

So...I am throwing myself at the foot of the cross and asking God to help me stay on top of this and to give me strength to find the way through. It's a battle I'm willing to fight because the alternative isn't worth taking.