Monday, October 1, 2012

The Birthday Expodition Was A Success

My Hazel girl has been having a rough start to the school year. I love her emotions but they can be a little overwhelming at times. Which is why I usually keep her birthday party until the school year begins. And I am relieved to say that after all the drama of the new school year, the party was a monstrously huge success.

I collected 7 girls (plus my 3) from school and another 2 along the way. We did a treasure hunt the few blocks it takes to get to my house. On the way to school, my Violet girl and I dropped shiny beads for the girls to find. I asked them to choose as many random nature items from on the walk home. They just couldn't go in the neighbors's yards. The girls loved the challenge without knowing what the outcome was.

I was bummed that I forgot to get the camera out for pictures on the way home.


When I got the parade of 12 girls home, we had brownies and cookies and ice cream. I know my girls are always hungry when they get home, so I figured it would be best to sugar them all up right away. We sang happy birthday and then I released them to get creative.

With their wonderful treasures they found on the way home, they were to create a creation of inspiration on half of a cereal box. Then we had a voting period and the winner recieved that cute little pink backpack with a bunch of golden grapes inside (and a cute little book).

I did get some pictures of them creating and the final creations.

This one was my Hazel girl's.

This one was my Violet girl's.


This one was my Amber girl's.
And this was the winner.

From there, they had a choice of making masks or bracelets. Or my Hazel girl offered to braid their hair because her friends were amazed that she knew how to braid her own.
Then we opened the presents.

Yes, she sat on top of the newly added monkeybars to open all of her presents. She airlifted (dropped) them down to her friends below inorder to get the next one. Needed that for a space filler because my hubby wasn't home yet to hang the pinata. My Hazel girl bought the candy to fill it out of her own pocket. She's been wanting one for about 3 years now and came up with this deal.
Then all of the parents started to arrive and take their children home. It was an extremely successful party. Everyone got along. The dog only took out one girl (all the rest avoided him). She didn't get a ton of things and she enjoyed all that she got.

Then we had a party the next day for one of her best friends. Here is the only picture I took of the party.
They asked to be locked in. Hope your weekend was as interesting as ours.