Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Business of LIFE - a book review

Another inspiring book that is mostly based on the experience of a business. I seemed to understand more of this compared to the last book I read whose author owned a public relations agency. Maybe that's one thing I need to learn, how to relate to the public ;)

Just the title of this book is intriguing. It starts with a quote from "The Magic Story". We have that small book on audio and almost listened to it enough to have it memorized. One of the hubby's favorites. It came with "The Richest Man in Babylon", another really good story.

The introduction to this book is titled, "Everyone Wants a Chance". the book continues on about how word-of-mouth advertising is how most everything is sold today. Every movie you see, meal you eat, store you shop at, and book you read will be shared with someone. You will voice your opinion somewhere, somehow especially is it's really good or really bad and you now become a personal advertising agency. Which isn't a bad thing. I'd rather hear personal advertising than have to pick through commercials.

In another part of the book, they share some notes they took from a seminar they went to where Michael Dell was the keynote speaker. I enjoyed the summary of it, that I thought I had to share it.

"Dell went even further, however. Even more important than offering your content Online, which nearly everyone does these days, he emphasized that it had to be world-class, distinctive, and effective. To come to the marketplace with anything less than the best would be naive. This is where the portfolio of LIFE products comes in. Organized into each of the 8 F categories, the LIFE business provides world-class, proven materials designed to change people's lives for the better. Have a struggling marriage? Dig into the Family category of products. Frustrated financially and sick of your consumer debt? Access the materials available in the Finances section, and so on. From audio to video training, from books to events, the LIFE business covers the entire spectrum of what's needed to improve one's life."

The paragraph encompasses my life. I offer my content online via my thoughts and my jewelry, neither of which are world-class. I have also struggled in my marriage and found solid Christian values in the books and audios which saved my marriage. We are financially frustrated and are putting the financial lessons to use, which are being taught to us in the audios and books. And they're helping. Everyone who has known us can see the changes in us from learning from these great mentors and books. Who knew that choosing what you brain wash yourself with, like The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, will make a huge difference compare to letting the radio or tv do it for you, like watching American Idol. I have noticed that choosing the positive information and the tried and true resolutions makes for a better day. I have more energy and more focus. I feel like a better person and can clearly see my purpose in life.

"We know that LIFE is not for everyone:
Some people are ambitious, and some are not.
Some people are looking, and some are not.
Some people are teachable, and some are not.
And regretfully, some people are honest, and some are not.
It comes down to a personal choice."

I would suggest that you go check it out for yourself. Try a different wash for your brain and see if it comes out a little more shiny. Feel free to use my referral number for your purchase. I would love to hear how your wash went.                        Referral # 61261383