Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My day

It has been an interesting day today. Had a feeling that it would be after having a great night of wine and talking with some awesome friends.

Over the weekend my Tiny girl started having extreme allergy reactions. It's slowly been building for about two weeks. It smacked her clear in the face today, good thing I had called last night for a doctor's appointment.
This picture of her doesn't do justice to how she looked at the doctor's appointment. Which tells me that the meds are working. Both eyes were bloodshot and the left eye looked like someone stuck a golf ball in with her eyeball.
She has been in the best of moods considering that it's painful to look at and irritating to live with. She's just taking it in stride.

Then after we got home from the doctor and picking up the meds and getting ice cream, this pic happened. My Hazel girl tripped on her sister's bag that was laying on the floor and dropped a dollhouse on her toes. That second toe was almost as large as the big toe at one point. I didn't want to go back to the hospital today, I was happy to see that it was still attached and that she had full function of it.

This girl has had nothing go wrong for her today so far. She did help out greatly when the Tiny one puked up all of her ice cream and lunch. She was great help when her sister dropped the house on her foot. And she's been extra snuggly all week which has been a wonderful surprise.

So, saying all of that...I need to go to bed before someone else gets injured and hope that tomorrow is a less normal day which ends up being normal.