Sunday, May 6, 2012

A new thing Tiny loves

I have been disappointed in myself lately that I was raised Catholic, went to a Catholic school for 8 years, and still have limited knowledge of the Bible. Which is my drive to make sure that my girls are well adapted with the Bible to fight all of the challenges that will come their way in life.

As I was searching for something to keep my Tiny busy during the day, I found this amazingly simple Bible verse/preschool program.

This site has an amazing amount of good stuff on it but I am truly in love with this program of theirs.

Each letter is associated with a Bible verse, cutting activity, math activity, phonics fun, tracing activity, color and shape activity, and some story telling.

Violet loves these packets. The amazing thing is that she has 8 verses memorized so far and she understands them AND she uses them on her sisters. Her enthusiasm for these verses has seeped into her sisters and they want to do it now too.

Our learning wall. Things fall down and more go up. She gets so excited about saying her verses. I especially love it because I'm learning verses with her. I have the philosophies and I have the faith, now I'm learning the ammunition necessary to fight my battles.

Pop on over and check out all of the wonderful programs this site has to offer. I stumbled on them by accident and fell in love with them instantly.