Tuesday, January 31, 2012

An Interesting Weekend

Not quite sure how else to describe it. Learned a lot about a lot of things. I think the best thing I learned is that I love my hubby and we are growing stronger together. These past two years have been a struggle and pain to get to the point where we are seeing each other's buttons and learning not to push them and that the other isn't intentionally pushing them. Like at breakfast the other morning. He went down early to do some planning with friends of ours and let me sleep in a little. When I got down there, I got my coffee and stood next to him to ask if I could sit with him. I didn't just plop myself down because I didn't want to sit in the middle of a conversation because they were across the whole table (which is ok, I was looking for some direction in where to sit). His response, "Sure, just don't sit on me." Not a bad response...it was the tone that set me off and the fact that I didn't know if that meant sit next to him or across from him. So, I put down my stuff at the table next to him and went to get into the breakfast line. Found out later that he was a little concerned about that response and my response to it. It was ok. I just wanted to walk away so that I didn't say something stupid that I couldn't take back and I didn't want to make a choice that would cause another one of those statements to happen again. Because I was tired and only had so much control before I wouldn't be able to stop it from ruining my whole day and potentially my whole weekend. So we're learning and we're laughing together.

Now, looking back over that paragraph, you are probably wondering what kind of weekend we had. My hubby wanted to use our Christmas money to go to a LIFE seminar in Ohio (we live in Wisconsin, that's an 11 hour drive). Since he was so excited about it and the information that he has been reading and listening to has been changing his attitude about a lot of things, I decided that it would be a good thing to support this. Besides, it would be a weekend away at a hotel with my hubby and some great friends. It would also mean that the kids would get a bonus weekend with Grandma. Seemed like a win-win all around. The kids let me know that their weekend wasn't as good as ours was. So, we just continue to Plan-Do-Review. Because we're doing this again in April.

Our minivan became a limousine. I got to be the only girl in group again (until we met up with the rest of the gang) just like old times. We got little sleep. We got lots of laughs. We even had a few good cries (emphasis on good). Got to eat some great food as well as food that I knew would fuel the body. Got to learn a lot. Took 17 pages of notes. So my plan for today is to read through them again and share the highlights with you all. Because you don't know if one of these bullets is going to be the one that your brain needed today. So kick back and enjoy some old-fashioned truths.

  • Make sure that it's not about you.
  • Developing Kids Who Love To Read (an audio that I think I need to listen to)
  • Something fun and it will improve your life.
  • Feel accepted so they are not afraid to walk around as themselves.
  • The world is demanding for more leadership. (Not necessarily top ranking, just the ordinary people who are not afraid to make changes to better our lives like many ordinary Americans have been doing over the years. There just seems to be less of them currently.)
  • Facebook is so big because people are looking for community and acceptance.
  • Lead with your good attitude.
  • It doesn't take a lot to stand out in today's communities.
  • Inspiration over instruction.
  • Your success is you becoming a better person.
  • I'm always going to be the project, I will always have to work on me.
  • Even the tiniest light is the light of hope.
  • God moments.
  • Be a person that people are willing to play poker over the phone with.
  • Releasing the old to capture the new.
  • The wisdom of the ages is hidden in the pages.
  • What's the next thing I need to do? (I think I can put that in every hour of my day so that I don't get lost.)
  • It's to live a life of no regret
  • Stop trying to convince your critics.
  • Be good at self evaluation but don't beat the tar out of yourself.
  • You're growing, it's just not showing up yet.
  • The lessons you teach your children are the ones that you need to learn.
  • Believe in the end of the storm...and if it's not good, it's not the end.
  • Yeah we're weird, because normal is not working.
  • Law of magnetism.
  • Go touch your dream and make it a reality.
  • The value of something is what it teaches you, not the cost.
  • Do they have what you want?
  • We are a leadership development company.
  • Ask questions to find out what they mean, don't make assumptions.
  • You're building a pipeline; it takes effort and time.
  • Your belief has to outweigh their disbelief.
  • Only one with the guts willing to say, "this is wrong and I'm going to change it."
  • tougher skin + softer heart = hard work
  • Integrity is getting mad at the same things God gets mad at.
  • Integrity overcomes circumstance every time.
  • Provide for the next generation.
  • He or she that asks the questions, is the one in control.
  • Ambitiously lazy = willing to do any amount of work to get out of working forever.
  • Successful people act without evidence; they act on faith.
  • A stay at home parent gives more quality/quantity time with their kids in 3 years than a working parent  does in 17 years.
  • Facing The Giants
  • There's greatness in this room, don't waste it.
  • Start with the basics and stick with the basics.
  • You need to earn it, you need to prove yourself.
  • I don't know if I made any sense. I do know that you just need to keep learning.
  • Sometimes people are just stupid and don't want to do it.
  • Most people find fault in the world like they're going to get paid for it.
  • Don't avoid your problems because they are there wherever you go.
  • Trust is character and competence.
  • Peas and carrots (yes! They actually said, "peas and carrots" on the stage. I was so excited.)
  • God was back in my heart and I didn't even know that He had left.( She was renewing her faith.)
  • I welcome you to your future.
  • Take responsibility for your thinking.
  • Humble yourself or God will do it for you.
  • Jealousy, even in secret, is like putting a hole in the bucket.
  • (I got to the end of Saturday night it seems. 3 hours of sleep with studies from 10am-4pm and 7pm-2am. I cannot read some of these words.)
  • So, I put that thought on the shelf. (don't need to carry it around with you)
  • I was an eruption looking for a place to happen.
  • The only thing holding you back is you.
  • Felt surrounded and cornered as well as loved. ( Loved that because you need to focus on the love at those moments.)
  • There wasn't just two of us in our marriage, there was three.
  • It doesn't all make sense yet.
  • Eternity's not one of those things that you want to be wrong about.
  • You'll never outrun God.
  • You won't win a fight against God.
  • God brings the increase.
  • Can you imagine seeing Jesus's miracles in person? The apostles did and look at what their response was.
  • It's ok to be aware of the storms of life. Just don't take your eyes off of Christ while in the storm.
  • A sin is something contrary to what God teaches.
  • There are people with a positive attitude going to hell where a positive attitude won't last too long.
  • You're going to be dead longer than you're going to be alive.
  • Whatever you focus on expands.
  • Burn your boats when you get to the island so that there's no possibility of retreat.
  • Quit thinking so hard. Think while learning and then go and apply it.
  • If you give yourself an option, you'll take the option.
  • Keep it simple and keep it fun.
It was an amazing weekend filled with amazing information. I can't wait to see what I get to learn in April. Today in the mail we got John Maxwell's Put Your Dream To The Test and some audios on respect, fitness, and history (from what I'm gathering from their titles).

If you would like more information, feel free to pop on over to www.the-life-business.com
If you see something that you would like to read or listen to yourself, just enter #61261383 for the member number when asked.

Looks like I have another book to add to my list. Counted 9 that I want to read RIGHT NOW. Hungry...time to go feed my mind some more.