Friday, January 27, 2012

I finished a project!

Not that I don't normally finish a project. It's just that this one has been in the making for almost an entire year. Kept getting pushed around under my desk and put on the back burner. Now I finally decided to tackle it and got it done in less than a day.

 Not sure if I shared this one with you but this was the makings for my purse. Found all of these wonderful items at thrift stores. Believe it cost under $5 for all of it.

And finally it has turned into this:

Yes, me in my wonderful jammies modeling the bag at 5am this morning after I got it finished. 

What do you think? My hubby would make some remark about the symmetry of it, but it was my first time free handing a pattern...which I didn't even pattern. I eyeballed the whole thing. 

Now to take it on a test run this weekend on my road trip. Pray for my guests staying with my kids and dog this weekend.